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The 7 Virtues of Bushido

Bushido is the way of the samurai. It’s a set of values and virtues, and it’s a way of life. The virtues of Bushido are reflected in the 7 pleats of the hakama. When wearing the hakama each pleat reminds us of these seven virtues, but it would be a good idea to remember these also outside the dojo, in our off-the-mat lives.

Gi - Morality and integrity

To do the right thing.

Yuuki - Courage and bravery

If you stand up for the right reasons then there’s really no reason to be afraid of anything.

Jin - Kindness and compassion

Extended to all living beings.

Rei - Respect and etiquette

To show respect to people and to the value of life.

Makoto - Sincerity and honesty

To exercise honesty at all times, not only to others but to yourself.

Meiyo - Honor and dignity

To adhere to what is right and to proper conduct.

Chuugi - Devotion and loyalty

To follow through on your commitments and to be there for those you’re devoted to.

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