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The Brute - The aggressive nage who will slam on a technique and see how hard he can throw or pin someone, disregarding his partner's situation. This one will soon discover no one wants to train with him, or even better, he might find himself on the receiving end of such behaviour. Eventually things get out of control and someone gets injured.

The Philosopher - Nage practices position and timing to keep uke off-balance and vulnerable, while uke continuously strives to regain his balance and protect himself. Both roles should experience a flow of good movement, but that would be impossible when a chatty nage stops in the middle of movements to verbally explain his weak points, where he struggles with the technique, ponders over the effectiveness in real life, exploring different ways…. Not completing even one round

The Oblivious - Either due to the urge to successfully apply a technique no matter what, or just being insensitive and irresponsible, this Nage will not make sure he’s not hurting his partner and will not make sure his partner has a safe place to fall.

The Pacifist - This nage will apply a weak and loose technique for fear of injuring others. When working with a new student this might be a good type of nage to be, but when working with a more experienced partner it can be perceived as condescending or as a lack of attention.

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