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The good, the bad and the stinky… Dojo types

We know them… we are them…

I’m mainly fragile, with a bit of comedian, and way too much of oblivious.

A note to my dojo - no, I didn’t have anyone specific in mind for any of these, and some types were contributed by others, so please do not linger next time you apply nikyo on my fragile wrist….

No-nonsense: No talk, action only type. I really like this one.

Film-buff: Constant action movies comparisons.

Talker: Giving endless unnecessary info and usually unwanted advice.

Self-important: Respect me, I'm senpai, look at my belt!

Aiki-bushi: Their religion IS aikido.

Smelly: No one wants to train with you if you stink!

Pacifist: Applies a weak and loose technique for fear of injuring others.

Ballerina: It’s all about the impressive ukemi.

MMA: Knows one or two or three or more other martial arts.

Comedian: Wisecracks, sound effects and lots of laughs. I can’t practice without it.

Energizer-bunny: Annoyingly fit, never out of breath.

Ki-disciple: A firm believer in no-touch-throw.

Oblivious: Existing in an eternal blackout.

Nemesis: Can't apply a technique on this one no matter what. I love my nemesis!

Brute: Unnecessarily rough.

Big-heart: Always the first to help out, clean, feed, support, encourage…

Blocker: Tests mainly your patience to humankind...

Fragile: Always injured. The red duct tape is my best friend.

Samurai-wannabe: Fantasizing, with a very loud, scary and authentic kiai.

Absent: Dues paid, part of the dojo but never on the mat.

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