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Aikido Intro #49: Attacks

Every time I got tested and had to select and call out a different attack I blacked out. I should have prepared this cheatsheet a long time ago...

Shomen uchi: A vertical knife-hand strike to the front of the head.

Yokomen uchi: A diagonal knife-hand strike to the side of the head

Tsuki: Thrust punch

Katate dori: One hand grabs one wrist.

Morote dori: Both hands grab one wrist.

Ryote dori: Both hands grab both wrists.

Kata dori: Shoulder grab.

Mune dori: Chest grab.

Ushiro ryote dori: Rear both wrists grab.

Ushiro ryo kata dori: Rear both shoulders grab.

Ushiro eri dori: One hand grabbing the collar from behind

Ushiro katate dori kubishime: Rear chokehold with wrist grab.

Ushiro mune katate dori: Rear chest grab with wrist grab.

Ninin dori: Two people grabbing both wrists with both hands

Hagai Jime: Bear hug from behind with both arms pinned

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